Know your PSA (Personal Shopping Assistant)

We, at Salt n Soap, believe that providing customers an online shopping experience does not merely mean setting up an e-commerce portal and delivering goods to the customer through "delivery boys."

We believe that customers benefit from an e-commerce portal only when they get a personalised shopping experience but without having to go through the pains and ordeals of going to a supermarket or kirana store to purchase your daily chores.

This is particularly true for grocery and personal care products where the manufacturers are introducing new products and variants, changing pack sizes and MRP, giving or withdrawing deals almost every day.

The purpose of introducing a Personal Shopping Assistant for you is to provide you this personalised shopping experience through our portal.

Personal Shopping Assistants, or PSA, assigned to each of our registered users, are qualified professionals who will assist to make informed purchasing decisions and provide personalised services to you. The PSAs will get acquianted with your buying habits, likes and dislikes. They will assist you if and when any new variant has been introduced; or, if a particular product or variant is not in stock at the moment but a probable substitute is available; or, there has been a last minute change in MRP; or, when you need a particular product but are not getting it on Salt n Soap portal; or, you are not sure how to use the open analytics in Salt n Soap; or, you do not know how to participate in a Salt n Soap contest that has been announced; or, any other areas in Salt n Soap where you need assistance.

Our PSAs are not sales personnel. They are expected to assist you in your online shopping process and are not expected to sell or promote any product or brand. They have been trained accordingly.

Last, but not the least, we understand that security is one of your key concerns when you allow somebody to come to your home or office to deliver your products. We understand this concern of yours and hence, for all our positions including those having customer facing roles like customer service executives and assitant managers, we recruit people with suitable professional qualifications after doing a due diligence on their background and integrity. In spite of our due diligence, if at any point of time you are inconvenienced by our service executives or managers at any time, please inform us immediately at our office address or write to us at

Happy shopping at Salt n Soap. Celebrate your freedom to shop!

PS: Salt n Soap will assign you a PSA if you have maintained your address and mobile number in your profile information and your address falls within one of the delivery zones of Salt n Soap.