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Salt n Soap, a BlueBeaks initiative, intends to provide its consumers a convenient, social, enjoyable and rewarding experience of shopping their daily grocery needs online from the comfort of their homes and offices.

Started in November 2012, Salt n Soap ( is owned and operated by BlueBeaks Solutions LLP (

Though the services of booking daily grocery needs online and receiving timely delivery at the convenience of home or office are the basic foundations of Salt n Soap, Salt n Soap is more than just another online version of a hyper mart, supermarket or a local kirana store.

Salt n Soap intends to provide today’s busy urban consumers online tools for making their shopping experience social, enjoyable and rewarding. Salt n Soap enables this through the various social features of the website, engaging and interesting games and contests.

Salt n Soap comes up with, and, last but not the least, the goldmine of information and analytics that facilitate a smarter buying decision.

Being a BlueBeaks initiative, Salt n Soap believes and practices BlueBeaks' core philosophy - "Innovate, Execute, Innovate". Salt n Soap is constantly innovating on the features to ensure a more enriching and meaningful experience for the users.

We hope that your experience with Salt n Soap will be enriching and rewarding.

In case you have any queries or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at


The Making of Salt n Soap

Ramesh always liked the sound of the laptop shutting down. Even though he knew that it meant a break of only an hour or so before he has to restart his laptop after reaching home and resume his work, it still seemed to give him at least an hour of solace.

While Ramesh stood up to pack his laptop, a sudden thought threatened to break that hour of solace that he always looks forward to every day! He recalled that Nisha had told him to pick up some grocery on his way back home. Ramesh really dreaded this thought! He knew picking the stuff means taking a detour of about half an hour, maneuvering through the homebound busy city traffic, fighting for a parking space, standing in front of the billing counter; the ordeal seemed endless. Besides, it was 8 pm then and he was not sure if the supermarket or any departmental store would be open by the time he reached there.

For a moment Ramesh thought of calling up Nisha and requesting her to do the shopping on her way back from her office. There are a couple of departmental stores across the road from her office. But he suddenly remembered that she has a client dinner to attend.

Ramesh and Nisha typify a generation of “time poor” professionals who do not have time to do household chores like shopping for groceries.

That weekend Ramesh did some introspection. He had started his own business 3 years back, after leaving a cushy job as a senior executive in an IT MNC. Why did he not ever think of building something that could solve a big problem which people like him and probably many other families are facing? Why not build an online portal that helps to solve this problem, at least to an extent?

It occurred to Ramesh that in one of the premier B-schools where he takes some courses as guest faculty, he had given an assignment to his students to come up with some innovative start-up ideas around logistics and Web 2.0. He remembered that one of the students, probably Saikat, had presented to him two proposals and one of them happened to be on online grocery. Did he have Saikat’s number stored?

Ramesh did find Saikat’s number and he invited Saikat for lunch and a detailed discussion on his idea on online grocery. Ramesh also called Krishanu, who helps Ramesh in his other business and who was keen on doing something “new and exciting”.

They did quite a bit of research and brainstorming over next few days. They found that there were such portals in other parts of India and definitely many abroad, but surprisingly there was none worthwhile in the city Ramesh and others lived. Besides, all these portals looked like “vanilla e-commerce” while Ramesh and team were convinced that the customer can be provided more value added services than just a vanilla e-commerce service.

Ramesh and his team also knew that building an online portal on grocery was not just about building a website. A bigger challenge lied in the logistics, operations and marketing. Ramesh understood that he needed to develop a clear strategy on all these aspects before embarking on the project.

To be continued ...


(The names mentioned are not real, but the people and the story are)

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