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Salt n Soap is a leading online grocery and supermarket delivering in Kolkata, India. Salt n Soap offers more than 15,000 products across various categories like fresh fish and meat, fruits and vegetables, cereals and beverages, milk and dairy products, personal and baby care products, etc. Delivery is made within 24 hours.

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An Online Grocery Store with a difference, Salt n Soap provides its consumers a convenient, social, enjoyable and rewarding experience of buying groceries online in Kolkata. Shop grocery online from the comfort of your home and office for your essential daily needs of fresh fish and meat, fruits and vegetables, cereals, flour, pulses, spices, baby care, personal care and other household items.

Fulfilling your daily grocery needs and timely delivery are the basic foundations of Salt n Soap. We are also a unique online grocery store to have ensured a local kirana experience for our customers. As a valued customer of Salt n Soap Kolkata, all of our registered users are assigned a ‘Personal Shopping Assistant’ or PSA. The PSAs provide you a helping hand to purchase groceries online just like your local kiranawala or your household servant would do for you. The PSA knows you personally and knows your tastes like how you normally would like to cut the fish, how much ripeness of bananas is just right for you, etc. apart from providing the much needed “trust” factor while purchasing products online and delivering them to your home.

Salt n Soap Kolkata offers more than 15,000 grocery products and 1000 grocery brands online to choose from. Get choicest of brands in fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Cereals, Spices, Beverages, Personal Care, Baby Care, Home Care, Office Stationaries and many more grocery items. Visit our fish and meat segment for selection of fresh and frozen items.


Salt n Soap has many other unique features, which are included to make the online shopping experience enriching for our customers in Kolkata.


While shopping, you would have felt many times the need to have certain information about certain grocery products, e.g. how is a grocery product doing vis-a-vis the competition, what have been the reviews for the product, what has been the purchase trend of the product, etc. Salt n Soap's unique Open Analytics features help you get this information real time so that you can make a smarter purchase decision.


Salt n Soap Kolkata also assists you to manage and monitor your household grocery budget and purchase and compare that with average budget and purchases of people belonging to your socio-economic class (SEC). Salt n Soap's algorithm also alerts you with reasonable accuracy on how many days of inventory you are left you, what has been your total purchase in a month, what is the last date of your purchase of products in a category or subcategory.


Salt n Soap has various “social features” that enable you to share your online grocery shopping experience with your friends and learn from each other. You would need to sign in to Salt n Soap using your Facebook account to enjoy the social features.


We hope that your experience with Salt n Soap is long term enriching and rewarding.


In case you have any queries or suggestions, please feel free to contact us as


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